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What Personal Data is Collected by Sandra Elsfort Concerts?


Personal information here refers to any information that can be used to identify an individual,

including, but not limited to, their first and last name, home address or other physical address, email address,

or other contact information, regardless of whether they relate to the individual's private residence or workplace.

As a general rule, you can access the website without telling me who you are or otherwise providing personal information about yourself. Sandra Elsfort Concerts may require certain personal information to deliver services to customers.

Sandra Elsfort Concerts collects information through third parties such as Google Analytics, WIX, and WIX Analytics.

This data is treated confidentially and not disclosed. The information is for legitimate purposes and stored for up to 5 years in accordance with the bookkeeping act.

Collected information is for compliance with the tax ontrol act.

Sandra Elsfort Concerts reads, for example, name, address, telephone number, VAT number, email address, as well as location information and online identifiers such as country, IP address, operating system (Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, Others), traffic referral (Google, direct search, social), browser type, and device type - smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

WIX has built-in analytics that show me where my users found me and which pages are most visited.

I use Google Analytics exclusively to find out how many people found me on Google search and the number of views per month in percentage. Your IP address is masked, and data is stored for up to 14 months before being deleted from their server. A new visit after the 14 months will generate a new registration.

Visits within the last 14 months do not renew the period.

You can have your data deleted from WIX at any time. Contact me here


In addition to the information you enter when ordering a service, the website uses cookies.

Cookies are the website's 'memory', stored on your hard drive in digital information packets.

The cookies used do not identify the individual user but the user's computer.

Cookies on my website are used to see which pages you have viewed and which country you live in, as well as how long you were on the website.

Google Analytics provides the cookies that record user navigation, i.e., which page(s) you visited, how long you spent on each page, etc. None of this data is person-specific but is used to create statistics to help me improve the website.

Below shows the name of each cookie, what it records, and how long it is stored on your computer.

  • Google Analytics is used by Google's Universal Analytics to distinguish users. Expires after 14 months.



If you do not want Sandra Elsfort Concerts to identify your computer using cookies, you can disable the use of cookies

in your browser.



To further develop and improve the website, I compile statistics on how users use the website.

The statistics are used exclusively in summary form, e.g., to see which pages and browsers my users use the most.

Data on the individual user's use of the services is not disclosed or sold to third parties.


Sandra Elsfort Concerts uses Google Analytics to collect visit statistics and in this context discloses IP addresses to Google. These are masked before Google receives them by storing the last 2 digits. Google may also disclose the information to third parties where required by law or to third parties performing tasks for Google. The privacy terms for Google Analytics are accepted by visiting Sandra Elsfort Concerts and are available at

Please read WIX's own terms and conditions as well as WIX's Privacy Policy.

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